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One Project Scheduling

Many contractors try juggling a number of projects at once, which often results in fractured focus.  They’re working hard to keep everyone happy, but to do that, they often have to jump among several job sites doing a little at a time at each site.

We believe in a different approach. Our team members are dedicated to only one job at a time, focusing our attention and resources on each client individually.  I find projects are completed more quickly and with much less chance that important details will be overlooked.

This also gives us the opportunity to give you a solid start and finish date for your renovation.  We make sure that all materials are ordered well in advance of the project start date, so we don’t have any down time waiting for stuff to arrive – everything is already there.

Of course, everyone knows that unexpected things come up when you start peeling back the layers of a house.  But, because we only do interior renovations, we’ve seen a lot of different scenarios over the years and we’ve learned a lot about what can go wrong and how to plan for it.  So, for the majority of our projects, when we give you a date that you can move back into your beautifully remodeled space, we mean it!

After you look through our website, we’d love to talk to you about your project and why you can be confident that choosing Nate’s Custom Renovations will make all the difference.

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