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Project Design

We offer a complete line of pre-construction design capabilities to help you visualize what your Lincoln home remodeling project will look like when we are finished.  Our 3D floor plan software can show you photo-realistic views of your future space and together we can make changes before we get started renovating.  This ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

What do I receive as part of the Design Retainer?

• Floor plans/elevations/layouts

• 3D drawings/renderings 

• Virtual walk-through, 360 degree tour for bigger projects

• Detailed proposal/specifications

How much is the investment?

2% of estimated cost ($500 minimum)
If you decide to move forward with us on your Lincoln home remodeling project, we will apply the cost of the design retainer towards your final invoice.

If we don’t use your company, do we get to keep the drawings?

Yes.  The plans won’t be ‘build-able’ with measurements, etc., but you do get to keep the concepts/layouts/drawings.

Do we have to have a design completed in order to get a proposal?

If your Lincoln home remodeling project involves moving walls/fixtures around and you don’t have a design in place, we can’t prepare a detailed proposal for you.  We need the design in place in order to do that and avoid just giving you a rough estimate.  If your project only involves updating your existing space, a design is not needed, but it can help you visualize what the completed project will look like.

What are the benefits of having a design in place?

When we have a completed design, a detailed proposal and specifications in place before renovation begins, the process is smooth and stress-free.  Following this process also helps to ensure your project will be delivered on schedule and on budget because we will have a baseline plan to refer to, which keeps everything consistent and everyone on the same page.

“The key to surviving a major bath or kitchen remodel is finding a professional who can visualize your ideas and design a plan that meets all your needs.  We were so happy with the way our master bathroom remodel turned out, we didn’t even hesitate to call Nate when it came time to remodel our kitchen.”  – Ken and Kerry Milius