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Home Remodels in Lincoln, NE

At Nate's, we know that everything starts in the home, and because of this, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that you and your family get a home remodel that you will love and make into your favorite space.

Welcome to Nate’s Custom Renovations, your premier destination for home renovation services in Lincoln, Nebraska!  At Nate’s, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live; it reflects your unique style and personality. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-quality home remodeling solutions tailored to your needs, desires, and budget.

With our proven process and commitment to excellence, we’ll transform your vision into reality, making your dream home a real masterpiece from design through installation and finish.

Home Remodel Features

  • Award-winning in-house design team
  • Qualified Trades with long-term working relationships
  • Preferred materials for quality and longevity
  • Expert project management
  • Proven project management system

Our Home Remodel Process

With over 15 years in business, we have had the pleasure of completing hundreds of fine home remodeling projects for our wonderful customers in Lincoln, NE. We used this experience to develop an industry-leading home remodel process that delivers the results you desire.

Today, over 80% of our customers meet us via referrals. We provide a best-in-class home remodeling service with an easy-to-follow system. As a general contractor, we aim to provide an enjoyable, stress-free home renovation experience with the quality you are looking for.


During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your likes, dislikes, goals, and budget. We’ll introduce our “9-Point Promise” to ensure a smooth experience, execute a Design Agreement if needed, and explore your preferred budget and comfort level regarding your investment. We’ll then review and finalize the Design Agreement and associated fees. Required fee for Design Agreement is 3% of low end of the estimated budget or minimum of $1000.

The Home Remodel Plan

In our second meeting, we’ll review a rough cost estimate, gather detailed information through sketches, measurements, photographs, and initial design concepts. We’ll review and present a Design agreement. 

At the third meeting, we’ll present floor plans and 3D perspectives for your review, allowing up to three revisions as necessary.

(Note: The initial Design Agreement includes up to three revised design concepts.)

At our fourth meeting, we will present a detailed proposal, execute a Letter of Intent, and assist with material selections.

The Letter of Intent is to hold your place in our schedule until we complete the Construction Agreement, and the required fee for Letter of Intent is 10% of the proposal.

Refining the Details to Suit Your Style

After material selection, you will meet with our in-house Design Consultant to review the project, define your style, and gather inspiration.  Our consultation includes,

Color palette, Flooring, Lighting, Tile, Countertop, Backsplash, Plumbing Fixtures, Hardware, Cabinetry, Complete Material Boards 

After shopping for materials, we’ll review specifications, pricing, and schedules and execute the construction agreement. Before construction begins, we’ll handle permits, release purchase orders, and prepare for the construction phase. We also introduce you to your Project Manager, ensure site safety, prepare a constructions schedule, and address any remaining questions or concerns.

Delivering on Our Promises

Throughout your home remodel, we’ll update you on progress, address concerns promptly, and only make changes with your approval via a written Change Order.

Upon completion, we’ll provide a walk-through of new fixtures/appliances, a 3-YEAR warranty, and regular check-ins to ensure your satisfaction.

Our goal is to make your renovation journey stress-free and enjoyable, leaving you with a home remodel you have been looking for and a home you will love to share with others.

For More Information about our home remodeling budgets and samples of our work, see our Costs and Galleries pages.

Home Remodel FAQ

Home Remodel FAQ

I have purchased my materials; will you install them?

Nate’s only installs what it sells to ensure quality, longevity, and warranty.

Do you do complete main-level remodels?

Yes, it’s one of our specialties. Nate’s is a complete home remodel contractor in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I have a designer; will you work with them?

Although Nate’s offers in-house design, we will work with independent designers.

Do we have to move out?

This is case-specific, depending on the layout of your house. Sometimes, a temporary kitchen is set up for kitchen remodels DELETE THIS SENTENCE. Dust extractors, seal-off barriers, and negative pressure are used to reduce demolition dust for your comfort.

How long will a home renovation take?

Once the work has started, a main-level renovation will typically take 7 to 8 weeks, sometimes longer, depending on the scope of the work to be completed.

Are your trades qualified, and is your work warrantied?

Yes, see our 9 Point Promise for more information.

What does a main-level home renovation cost?

The cost of complete home renovations will vary depending on the size of the home and the areas to be renovated. Please see our Costs page for more information.


Call Us Today!

Nate’s Custom Renovations, Inc

4001 S 8th St STE 111

Lincoln, NE 68502, United States

Phone: 402-617-6240

For appointments, we are located: click here for directions.


Call Us Today!

Nate’s Custom Renovations, Inc

4001 S 8th St STE 111

Lincoln, NE 68502, United States

Phone: 402-617-6240

For appointments, we are located: click here for directions.

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