Keeping It Clean with Nate’s Custom Renovations

Nate’s Custom Renovations uses BuildClean dust control systems to keep your living space clean and livable. The BuildClean contains and eliminates up to 90% of airborne dust—to keep things comfortable for you and your family.

During your remodeling project, dust can get everywhere- on the floor, furniture, glassware, dishes, even your toothbrush. But dust is more than an inconvenience—it poses a serious threat to your family’s health, your pets and your belongings.

That’s where BuildClean comes in:

  • Keeps dust from settling where it shouldn’t—and from lingering in your home long after the work is complete
  • Provides healthier conditions for family and pets
  • Safeguards against particles and irritants like crystalline silica and lead
  • Protects sensitive electronics like computers and TVs

Nate’s Custom Renovations follows BuildClean best practices on how to contain and control dust during an interior remodeling project.

  • What to Expect – Dust is constant during a remodeling project. We will take action to control dust, however there will be some dust.
  • Isolate the Work Area – Close doors, create temporary walls, designate a main entryway to the work area, use poly sheeting to isolate the work area and minimize the migration of remodeling nuisance dust.
  • Seal Vents and the Heating/Cooling System – Ductwork for furnaces or central air systems are main pathways for remodeling nuisance dust. No matter if the heating or cooling system is running or not, registers and air returns in the work area have to be closed and sealed. This action will keep the ductwork, furnace and cooling system free from dust and will help to minimize the spread of dust. During and after construction, heating/cooling system air filters should be changed.
  • Remove or Cover Property – When possible remove all property out of the workspace; if not possible cover the property with drop cloths or poly sheeting.
  • Protect Walls and Flooring – Use runners, fiber board, rosin paper or other surface protection materials to protect walls and floors from dust or damage.
  • Control Building Airflow – Practice a closed door and window policy to contain dust to the work area. Work to establish a negative air pressure environment, maintain good ventilation, circulate clean outdoor air in during and right after the work is completed.
  • Capture Airborne Dust – Incorporate the use of HEPA air scrubbers or negative air machines during the construction process. When using an air scrubber, replace the pre-filter often to protect and extend the life of the HEPA filter.
  • Vacuum Don’t Sweep – Sweeping construction debris lifts dust into the air; vacuum this material. Vacuums should use either a HEPA or fine particulate filter. If sweeping, use a dust control sweeping compound.
  • Collect Dust at the Point of Generation – We do our best to control and collect dust at the source of generation with vacuum equipped tools and mistting before or during cutting.
  • Cut Material Outside – We try our best to cut wood, drywall, plastic, metal and all other materials that we may use in your remodeling project outside.
  • Clean As We Go – Clean up major messes as they are created. Cleaning doesn’t allow dust to migrate through the air to areas away from the work site and to be tracked through the home on the soles shoes.

These are efforts we make to keep dust to an absolute minimum while working on a project in your home. BuildClean is one of the tools we use to help us keep our 9 Point Promise to you and our family. Nate’s Custom Renovations is dedicated to providing you with the best remodeling experience.