Team Members

Name:  Jerrod Phillip

Title:  Project Manager

Family:  Wife, April; Children, Jaden and Jonah

What do you love about working at Nate’s?  The variety of work that we do, as well as building relationships with our clients.  Nate holds the same standards of craftsmanship and quality that I always strive for as a carpenter.

What do you enjoy about serving our clients?  I enjoy the relationships we build with our clients, many of which we have done multiple jobs with over the years.  I receive a lot of fulfillment with gratified customers.

What ‘little things’ do you consider yourself an expert at or highly skilled at?  My attention to detail and quality in the work I do.  I also really enjoy trim work/wood-working, not only at work, but as a hobby as well.

Overall likes in life/business:  I enjoy being able to work with my hands in creating something.  I enjoy the approach and process of remodeling.  I feel a sense of pride in a finished project, and I enjoy pleasing the homeowners I work for.

What do you love to do outside of work?  I graduated college with a bachelor of arts degree, with an emphasis on graphic design.  I’m married with two young children.  Outside of work I have a ton of interests /hobbies, some of which include:  wood working, drawing/painting, furniture refinishing, softball…really too many to list and not enough free time to do them all.


Name:  James Mikkleson

Title:  Project Lead

Family:  Wife, Jamie; Furkids, Magnum, Atlas, Bandit

What do you love about working at Nate’s?  My favorite thing about working for Nate’s is focusing on one job at a time, we are interacting, communicating and reassuring our customers every day.  This allows us to really get to know our customers as well as better understanding how they plan on using their new space.  After spending anywhere from 6-10 weeks interacting with our customers, we kind of become an extended part of their family.

What do you enjoy about serving our clients?  I really enjoy transforming a space to better fit our customers needs.  In most cases, everyone has a part of their house that feels less like a home.  Being able to see the excitement and joy it brings people to transform that space to a place they want to spend more time is why I love what I do.

What ‘little things’ do you consider yourself an expert at or highly skilled at?   Communication!  I like to make sure everyone is on the same page.  As a lead, it is my job to coordinate with vendors and subcontractors, as well as make sure both Nate and the customer are aware of any changes that occur.  I like to run a tight ship and keep jobs on schedule while making sure any changes or concerns the customer may have are addressed properly and they enjoy the overall renovation process.

I also consider myself highly skilled in the custom aspect of my job.  I welcome the challenge of creating the unique and custom visual aspects of a job that are specific to each space that both compliment the design and the customer’s personality.  I am very innovative, mechanically inclined, resourceful, and enjoy finding the solution to any problems the job may throw my way.

Overall likes in life/business:  I am a firm believer in the philosophy “if you make your vocation a vacation, you will never work a day in your life.”  I love creating something from nothing.  It gives you a chance to put a piece of yourself into everything you do.

What do you love to do outside of work?  I love to create and restore.  I build and refinish custom rustic furniture and enjoy restoring my ’64 Nova.  I love spending nice Spring and Fall evenings in a hammock with my wife and in the yard with my three “furkids”.  I love the water.  It’s hard to find a Summer weekend I don’t want to spend out on the lake tubing or water skiing, as well as the occasional tanking or kayaking trip.


Name:  Matt Madsen 

Title:  Project Lead

Family:  Parents Tracy & Jeff Madsen & 2 sisters

What do you love about working at Nate’s?  I have really enjoyed getting my foot in the door and working alongside a team that is so welcoming and helpful.  It makes coming to work fun and everyone is willing to teach me the skills I am still learning.

What do you enjoy about serving our clients?  What I love the most is being able to see their reactions throughout every step of the process.  My favorite part is when we hit the final stages of the job and the customers start to get their first glance of the finished project.  I love seeing their excitement!

What ‘little things’ do you consider yourself an expert at or highly skilled at?  I am still in the process of learning all the skills, however, I am finding out I enjoy tiling, trim work and anything that is precise.

What do you love to do outside of work?  I love to be outside, but at the same time, I am satisfied with being quite at home.  A week in the mountains with no wi-fi or a day movie watching at home would be perfect for me!


Name:  Hawley Cross

Title:  Project Lead