Feeling Cramped?

Bringing friends and family together for a big Thanksgiving dinner is a well-established American tradition. We look forward to it with great anticipation (and sometimes unrealistically high expectations!). There are times, however, when our homes just aren’t ideally situated to handle the extra people.

It’s no wonder that so many homeowners have opted for open floor plans that allow them to expand their kitchens and incorporate a great room into the design. Not only does that mean that whoever is cooking the turkey is no longer isolated in the kitchen, but it’s much easier to accommodate everyone in the same space.

But what if you’re in an older home that doesn’t have that kind of floor plan? Can you remodel to get the kind of space you want? You’d be amazed at what can be done! 

Undertaking this kind of remodeling project can be a little overwhelming—particularly if you have a hard time envisioning open space where there are now walls and doors! But that’s where a good remodeler can help. We’re used to seeing—not just what’s currently there, but what can be there—and how to make it happen!

That’s why it’s good to sit down with someone like us first and tell us what it is you want to accomplish.  Then we can come up with a plan that meets your needs—and matches your budget. It doesn’t happen over night, but a significant remodeling project like this isn’t something you want to rush.

So if things feel a little cramped when family and friends come over for Thanksgiving dinner, give us a call afterwards so we can start working together on a plan to make your Lincoln home the perfect place to celebrate next year! 

Fun Fact – Thanksgiving: The National Holiday That Almost Wasnt

You may not know the name Sarah J. Hale, but you’re probably familiar with her nursery rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb. Perhaps even less well known, is her role in creating the national holiday we celebrate every November: Thanksgiving. 

As it turns out, Hale may be the individual most responsible for making Thanksgiving our national holiday. From 1846 to 1863 she wrote letters to five Presidents of the United States: Zachary Taylor, Millard Filmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln. It was her letter to Lincoln that convinced him to support legislation establishing a national holiday of Thanksgiving in 1863. Thanks, Sarah 🙂

Is your kitchen working for you?

There are a lot of choices to make when you remodel your kitchen. Near the top of the list is the layout of your kitchen. It’s every bit as important as the finish materials you choose. What you want is a layout/design that fits your lifestyle. 

Here’s a quick look at some popular options:

 – Efficiency or One-wall Kitchens: If you use your kitchen exclusively for food preparation and don’t need much space, this layout can work well. It’s not an “entertaining” kitchen and probably isn’t the right solution if you do a lot of cooking. But if space is at a premium and you don’t plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it could be the right choice.

 – Galley Kitchens: In this layout, you will have counter space on both sides of the room. Again, it’s not an ideal design for entertaining, but it packs a lot of workspace into a small area. 

 – L-Shaped or U-Shaped Kitchens: These similar layouts provide lots of counter space as well as easy access to appliances and the sink. It draws heavily on the “kitchen work triangle” designed for efficiency. It’s more open and often includes space for bar stool seating so you can chat with guests while working. 

 – Island Kitchens: Many cooks consider the island kitchen the ultimate layout. The design can allow multiple cooks at the same time. It’s also an ideal entertaining kitchen because the open design allows guests into the kitchen. It does require an adequate amount of space, however. A peninsula kitchen is a variation on an island kitchen. Instead of a completely isolated island countertop, it will have a part of the counter extend like a peninsula. This can be a good option if the space you have available simply isn’t deep enough to accommodate an island. It still allows you access from three sides.

When deciding on a layout, you’ll want to consider both your lifestyle (what role the kitchen plays in your home) and the amount of space you have to work with.

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, Nate’s Custom Renovations would love to help guide you through your options! From layout to cabinetry to countertops, we have the experience to equip you to make the choice that’s the best for your lifestyle.

Give us a call today to get the process started!

Time for an Update?

September is upon us and with it, the drive to make the indoors a comfortable and beautiful space to spend time. Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting football season or want to make your home a space more conducive to your taste, remodeling your living room can be an excellent way to breathe new life into your home.

Living rooms create a place for your friends and family to gather in your home. It’s vital that it fits your needs and reflects your personality.
Here are four ways to transform your living room into a space you will enjoy for years to come.

4 Ways to Update Your Living Room

  1. Move Walls to Create a Design Space – If possible, moving the walls in your boxy living room to create a more open space can be a wonderful way to transform and modernize your home. This can help you add additional seating space and also helps avoid congestion during parties or gatherings.
  2. Add Built-In Shelves/Entertainment Center – Create a focal point and build in storage by adding built-in shelving around your television or fireplace. This helps you show off pictures and mementos around the part of the living room that typically draws the eyes of visitors and creates additional space for you to store books or other trinkets.
  3. Choose Light Colors to Create the Illusion of Space – Dark colors tend to make rooms feel closed off. To create the illusion of space, use light colors in your remodel. Avoid using bold, dark colors and select more subtle choices, especially on your ceiling! Draw eyes upward by using your lightest, most luminous color on the ceiling.
  4. Use Hardwood Floors – While the trend used to be carpet, many are starting to embrace hardwood floors as an alternative. They are easy to clean and can help visually elongate a room.

Whether you’re eager to remodel your living room or have a different remodeling project in mind, we are ready to help create the room of your dreams! Give us a call today to start the process of transforming your Lincoln, NE home.

How to Spark Joy in Your Home

How to Spark Joy in Your Home

Remodeling your home can be a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. Because of this, it’s essential to evaluate your decisions, not just in terms of how it will benefit you by improving the resale value of your home, but also how it will bring you joy. 

When the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recently published their Remodeling Impact Report they added a new factor called “The Joy Score.” In addition to showing cost and probable ROI, projects were ranked (on a scale of 1 to 10—with 10 being high) as to their “Joy Score.” Here are a few of the results. 

•    Complete Kitchen Renovation | Joy Score: 9.8 

•    New Master Suite | Joy Score: 9.7 

•    Bathroom Renovation | Joy Score: 9.3 

•    Basement Conversion | Joy Score: 9.4 

As you walk through your home, imagine the joy you would receive from rooms that function and flow the way you envision. Opening up your kitchen could not only create a more functional space, but might also transform the atmosphere. A master bedroom remodel might allow you to walk into a space that feels peaceful and restful. Adding a new bathroom might minimize squabbles over bathroom time and help your mornings run smoother. 

Remember, remodeling your home does not merely improve your home’s value, it helps improve the non-tangible value you receive from your home! 

If you’re ready to start this process, give Nate’s Custom Renovations a call today. We’d love to transform your Nebraska home to help you reap both financial and emotional benefits for years to come. 


Fun Fact About Sparking Joy

According to the National Soap and Detergent Association, 40% of household work is eliminated when someone purges their home of excess clutter. As you’re thinking about what sparks joy, be sure to remove what doesn’t! Added Bonus: Sorting through your home and donating or selling what you’re no longer using is a great way to prepare for a home remodel.  

3 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Set Off Fireworks

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July and day of celebration! If you’re ready to declare yourself independent from the current look and layout of your home, give Nate’s Custom Renovations a call! We’d love to help you with your next remodel.

3 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Set Off Fireworks

Years ago, the family kitchen was a “working” room that was unadorned and closed off from guests. Today it’s the heart of the home for both families and guests.

Here are three ideas for making the heart of your home a place that everybody will love to congregate:

1. Go Natural 

Wood and natural stone materials for flooring are increasingly popular. They wear well and look great. Plus, since so many kitchens now open up into a great room, it creates a natural flow from the kitchen to the rest of the house.

2. Stay with Stainless

Designers are always looking for the next kitchen appliance color. The trend right now is toward bold colors. But, as much as some designers try to kill stainless, it’s still a great choice because it’s easy to clean and it blends with so many different styles.

3. Open Things Up

There’s a significant move toward open-style shelving in the kitchen. For one thing, it creates an open, airy feel (which is particularly nice if you have a smaller kitchen). Plus, it’s a great way to show off attractive or unusual items (like that French press you never actually use!).

4. 4th of July Bonus! 

Keep your eye on LED lighting solutions for the kitchen. There are more and more possibilities all the time, and these lights (pendant, chandeliers, or track lights) give off a much more natural and pleasing light than CFLs.

A Final Fourth of July Fact

Benjamin Franklin did not approve of the bald eagle being chosen as the symbol for the new nation, calling it, “a bird of bad moral character.” He preferred the turkey. Ben was an incredibly intelligent man and a great patriot, but thank goodness he was over-ruled on choosing our national symbol!

Why Do You Remodel?

Whenever we embark on something new, it’s important to focus in on why we are making a change. Remodeling your home is no different. What is your “why?” in remodeling your home?

While there may be several reasons to remodel your home, chances are, there’s one reason that compelled you enough to take the leap. As you start the remodeling process, it’s essential to keep your why in the forefront of your mind.

Here are just some of the why answers we encounter regularly:

I want to modernize an outdated space.

You may be wanting to tear down walls to create an open floor plan or remove outdated wood features. Remodeling can be a wonderful way to give your old home some new life without the hassle of moving.

I want extra organization in my home.

This is particularly common in kitchen and bath remodels. Whether you’re fighting to make room for pots and pans or simply wishing that the space you had was designed with your needs in mind, the need for better organization can be a compelling reason to remodel.

I want a home where I can age in place.

Wanting to make the home you love be an easy place to age is a very compelling reason to remodel. If this is you, consider converting space on your first floor (maybe a den or formal dining room that doesn’t get much use) into a master bedroom to give yourself the option of avoiding the stairs or maybe transforming your bathroom to include a walk-in or roll-in shower. Changes like these can take a space from being simply manageable to a home that allows you to live life to the fullest.

I love my house, but there are a few niceties I wish it had.

When you moved in, did you say, “I love this house, but I wish…?” If so, consider reaching out to make those dreams a reality. Whether you wanted a walk-in shower, a jacuzzi bathtub, or a kitchen island, there are many little niceties and upgrades that can be included in a remodel. Take your home from like to love by making those changes!

Whatever your why is, Nate’s Custom Renovations wants to help transform your house into the home you desire. Call us today to get the process of transforming your Lincoln home started. And don’t forget to mention your why!

Ideas to Take Your Kitchen Remodel to the Next Level

Kitchens function as the heart of the home. It is where we create our nourishment, clean-up our messes, and, depending on whether or not you wear the apron in your house, try to sneak tastes of delectable treats.

Because kitchens are a central part of our daily lives, it’s important they act as both functional and beautiful spaces. Whether you’re updating an older kitchen or creating your dream kitchen, here are 4 ways to take your kitchen remodel to the next level:

  1. Add a Multi-Purpose Island – Adding an island to your kitchen can allow you to utilize otherwise empty space for a variety of purposes. Sometimes, simply creating extra counter-space and cabinet storage is a much needed boost for your kitchen. Other times, it makes sense to add your sink or stove top to an island if you want to create an opportunity to face your living/dining room or simply want to pull yourself away from facing a wall when cooking or cleaning.
  • Create Organization that Works for You – As you’re designing your kitchen, think about what is unique about your kitchen. Are you hoping to display a china collection? Do you use a lot of spices that you need to have easily accessible? Are you especially fond of your mixer but not so fond of leaving it visible on the counter? Consider what makes how you use your kitchen unique from others and then customize your organization to make your kitchen work for you.
  • Embrace Natural Light – Natural light can help your kitchen feel warm and inviting so try to expand upon the natural light options available to you. Can you add in a skylight? A larger window behind your sink? Embrace those options and let the sunshine in.
  • Install a Backsplash that Reflects Your Style – Use your backsplash as an opportunity to truly reflect your style and take your kitchen up a notch! Whether you prefer neutral minimalism or bold patterns, choose a backsplash that reflects that instead of one that simply blends in. Backsplashes can hide away or can be used to add a sense of flair.

As you think about remodeling your home, consider how some of these ideas might take your kitchen to the next level by increasing its organization and functionality.

Whether you’re considering kitchen, bathroom, or whole house remodel, Nate’s Custom Renovation will be glad to help you create something that will give your Lincoln area home a fresh new look. Give us a call today or reply to this email to get the process started!

Is It Time to Freshen Up Your Bathroom?

According to Reader’s Digest, the average man spends 4 months (or 3,000 hours!) of his life in the bathroom reading. But compared to the 1.5 years (14,000 hours) the average woman spends in the bathroom, that seems like small potatoes. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, chances are you spend more time in your bathroom than you realize.

Why not make those hours more enjoyable by making a few tweaks to your current bathroom? Here are some ideas:

Install a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers an elegant, easy to clean way to reclaim space in your bathroom and make your daily shower more luxurious. The absence of tub walls will also create the illusion of space and make your bathroom feel larger. This single change can transform the entire feeling of your bathroom.

Try a New Sink with More Counter Space

Installing a new sink with additional counter space can make getting ready in the morning a much more enjoyable experience. Whether you are fighting with your partner over space or just never seem to have enough, remodeling your bathroom to make sure you have enough space to lay out all you need can help your day start off as a simple, stress-free experience instead of a game of bathroom counter Tetris.

Optimize Your Cabinet Space for Additional Storage

Much like countertop space, it makes a big difference for everything to have a place in your bathroom. Freshen up your bathroom by reclaiming unused space and transforming it to useful cabinetry and storage spaces for everything you need.

Of course, the most important part of any bathroom remodel is choosing a remodeler that you know you can trust to communicate accurately and implement your vision in a timely manner. Nate’s Custom Renovations would love to be the team that provides you with wonderful remodeling experience from start to finish.

Give us a call today to start the process of making the bathroom you dream of a reality.

How Long Will Your Home Remodel Project Take?

Talk About a Long Construction Project!

The Cologne Cathedral in Germany is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. The towers for the church’s two huge spires give the cathedral the largest facade of any church in the world.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1248 – 244 years before Columbus discovered America – and it took 632 years to complete!

How Long Will Your Home Remodel Project Take?

One of the questions we hear frequently is, “How long will this take?” The answer, of course, will depend on the scope and complexity of your specific remodeling project. That’s something we can work out and discuss before your project begins.

We’ve all heard horror stories about remodeling projects that drag on and on. Sometimes slight delays can happen when unforeseen difficulties pop up or severe weather delays construction or causes materials to be late. There are some things, however, that you can do as a homeowner to ensure that things stay on schedule.

Timely Selection of Finishes: Once you’ve decided on the plan for your remodeling project, make sure that you make your decisions on all of the finishes for the project. For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, make sure you have the cabinets (including the color and the hardware) picked out. The same goes for the material you’re using for your backsplash, fixtures, and for your flooring. It’s key that we have all of the selections made before we start the project to stay on schedule.

Avoiding Unnecessary Changes: Small changes are simply part of the remodeling process. What you want to avoid, however, are changes that have an impact on the completion of your project. “Can you move that wall just 3 inches?” may not seem like a huge request (after all, it’s “just” 3 inches). But if a wall has already been built, what you’re asking for can significantly delay the process (and increase the cost.)

Being Available for Consultation: Sometimes we will run into an unforeseen situation that means we can’t proceed as planned. That means that we will have to talk about what needs to change. Being available to us – and being able to make a timely decision can mean we’ll still finish on schedule.

If you have a project in mind for your Lincoln area home, Nate’s Custom Renovations would love to help you make that project a reality. Give us a call today to learn more.

How To Survive A Kitchen Remodel

So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Congratulations! This is an exciting time with a beautiful and functioning kitchen to look forward to. But in the meantime, you need to know what to anticipate and how to handle it.

Many say the best thing to do is to flee and stay somewhere else during the job, but for many this option is not always viable. So here is what to expect if you live in your house through a kitchen remodel and how to prepare for it.

Make Preparations and Get Organized

Plan to do the following before demolition begins:

  • Carve out time to pack up the kitchen properly or arrange for movers since it’s a big task.

  • Think about whether some sort of refrigeration will be possible. Perhaps there’s an old fridge in the garage or a minifridge elsewhere in the house. It may be worth renting a small one or buying one secondhand. Just be sure there is a place you can plug it in outside the kitchen.

  • Include takeout food and restaurant expenses in your overall renovation budget.

  • Get in the mindset of getting the groceries you need daily as opposed to shopping for the week or month.  A lot of times, you just won’t have the space for that!

Set Up a Makeshift Kitchenette

If possible, set up a mini kitchen in another room. Think about what equipment might come in handy for throwing together meals. Suggestions include:

  • Coffee maker
  • Electric teakettle
  • Toaster or toaster oven
  • Slow cooker
  • Portable electric grill
  • Electric frying pan (if you have a place to clean it)
  • Minifridge
  • Find portable kitchen appliances

If your house has a mini kitchen or a wet bar elsewhere, you’re in luck. This is a great spot to set up.

So, think about how you’re going to handle a small-appliance cooking mess before you make it – this may involve the patio, a hose and a dishwashing tub.


We Care About You and Your Home

Yes, it can be a bit of a hassle to live in the home while a remodel is taking place, but that is why we care so much and put a lot of effort into making sure we:

Contain dust and keep our jobsite clean and organized, focus on great communication, work tirelessly to keep the project on schedule to limit the disruption to your home and life.

How can we help you? At Nate’s Custom Renovations love what we do and love helping homeowners through the remodeling process! If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.