Trust your instincts when hiring a contractor

Most importantly, you have to feel that the contractor is right for you. You have to determine if the contractor will meet your expectations. If you get a bad feeling, invest the time needed to make sure they are the contractor for you.

The dierence in price between dierent contractors equals the value you receive or the experience that you will have.

Why is there such a difference in price between the contractors you are interviewing? Contractors all pay about the same labor rates, get materials from basically the same handful of suppliers, and pay the same fees for specialty trades. So what is the difference in cost? We believe it is the value you are going to receive when you hire that company.


Company [A] is a one–man operation with little or no insurance, works for wages, never mentions a warranty, hand draws a kitchen design on a napkin, pays his helpers cash under–the–table, uses the cheapest trade con-tractors out there, and has a one page agreement. His price for Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s kitchen is 40% less than Company B.

Company [B] is heavily insured,charges the right amount to ensure that they are in business 10 years from now should warranty issues arise, offers a written 5 year warranty, uses 3-D computer design soft-ware, pays their employees better than most… with great benefits, uses top–rung trade contractors who also warranty their work, and has a clear and thorough contract.

Which company offers the best value?

As a buyer you have many needs, wants, and expectations.

In the same way, each contractor offers their own way of completing a project and meeting their clients needs. It is very important to find the perfect fit for you. We hope that this guide enables you to find that contractor and begin a lifelong relationship with that company as you transform your home. We wish you the best as you begin your journey!